Picture 1 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

A while ago I managed to get my hands on a Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi game package that included a figma. Due to the fact that it was so hard to get, I felt hard pressed to open it. But I decided that it would be as good as a paperweight if I didn't get to play with it and just looked at it so I finally tore open the shrinkwrap and took her out.

Picture 2 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 3 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

I sincerely believe that this is one of the better made figmas. Chouyusha Haruhi, or Superhero Haruhi (which sounds corny so I won't use that term in English) is made pretty well and her costume is full of frills that reall put quite a bit of beauty on her. Not to mention how well-shaped her body is.

Picture 4 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Her body parts are also a lot more detachable than most of the other figmas, and her costume is made of many parts. This makes it quite easy to take parts of her clothes off to reveal more skin. I personally like her better without the big useless waist cape she was wearing. A skirt is more than enough.

Picture 5 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Since Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi is all about making your own fantasy game world and playing it, I decided that I too would bring one of my fantasies to life here in this post about her today. Instead of narrating the whole story this time, I'll let the pictures do the talking,.

Picture 6 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 7 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 8 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 9 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 10 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 11 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 12 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 13 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 14 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 15 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

Picture 16 in [Chouyusha Haruhi Figma]

I hope you enjoyed the yuri relationship photos of my fantasy world. Who else of you are into intimate girl-girl relationships?

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