Apr 12

After opening Saber Lily, I thought I’d just open up the rest of my Fate/Stay Night figmas. Though I’m not an EXTREMELY big fan of Fate/Stay Night, I liked Rin enough to be able to not die of boredom from the despicable lameness and lack of logic in the anime series. Yes, I have played the games too, and the hentai scenes right at the end make playing through the long and occasionally exciting and well drawn visual novel worth the entire thing. If you just download the HCGs, its not as fun as if you actually bought and played through the whole game. Trust me on this.

Here’s the original Saber. I still find her cuter than Saber Lily, despite the duller armor and less-well made dress. By the way, her dress, like Saber Lily’s is also made of many parts, and is quite movable too, just like Saber Lily’s. The only thing is it doesn’t conceal sexy zettais. Those of you who watched the anime or played the game will know what I mean.

Unlike Saber Lily, she has a hole for the figma stand arm to penetrate. It would be nice if some third party manufacturer came up with a set of clips just like the one that comes with Saber Lily to be used on other figmas as well.

Ok, enough of Saber. Let’s look at the TRUE star of the series, the tsundere princess Rin Tohsaka. I’m a very very big fan of zettais, so she’s very popular with me. Despite the suckyness of my small digital camera, Rin actually turned out quite nice in this picture. I like the hard steps in the shading that just happened on her shirt. Really brings out the desired colours you’d expect from Rin.

She’s pretty slender, and either she’s slouching or the sculptors got the breast size wrong. Either way, maybe girls’ breasts just look smaller with a t-shirt on. Or they might just be drawn bigger when used in adult scenes. *shrugs*

She looks pretty good from behind though. I like how they masterfully covered the arm hole on her back. You can’t see it in this photo, which is awesome.

Again, our lovely twintailed tsundere always emits huggability with that frowning face of hers. I heard frowning makes your face age faster. Is that true?

The two Fate/Stay Night ladies waiting for a decision to be made on the harem. I really hope they make a Sakura figma too, then we can have a big figma love triangle and lots of misunderstandings.

Of course, the girls have to fight it out to see who gets to be the lead actor in the ending scenes.

Here we compare the figmas Saber and Saber Lily and see the differences between the two. Since my camera isn’t the best light capturer of all, its not immediately obvious that the paintjob on Saber Lily is much shinier, compared to the duller Saber figma. The same swords can be seen here and the shininess of the paintwork is somewhat obvious. In real life, the difference is blindingly obvious.

Saber and Saber Lily duke it out for dominance of Mai Room HQ.

It is also interesting to note that Saber’s chest armor can be taken off. Revealing what turns out to be an even more slender body than Rin’s. The figma makers must be fans of flat chests too.

And as a filler, here’s a summary of my action figure collection to date.

It may seem obvious, but I am quite picky about what action figures I buy. Primarily because I hate wasting money on duplicate figures that I can’t have fun with. Besides, having too many figures means wasting space, and I usually take my time (> 1 hour) to open a figure and slowly admire it. Despite the figmas being nothing much to admire compared to immovable PVC statues, I still enjoy experimenting with them and making my own lame little skits.

I’m starting to worry about putting all the weapon-wielding figmas in one place. They might start a fight.

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3 Responses to “Rin Tohsaka and Saber Figmas”

  1. 1. ineser Says:

    haha, Saber Lily is “shiner” than the ori saber.
    You need to get a bigger “bookshelf” for them!

  2. 2. jaser Says:

    Regular Saber, last i remember, wears some pyjama like undergarments under that blouse skirt. So, when she jumps into the air, there’s really nothing to see, LOL. Saber Lily FTW!!

  3. 3. Sobored Says:

    27 figmas? Whoa, I have only 16 figures!

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