Picture 1 in [Max Factory 1/8 Tsuruya-san]

I must say I have taken a liking to the background characters of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. However, I didn't get this figure out of love, but rather I got it for quite a bargain. (2000 yen!) Since it was a Max Factory product, I said to myself: "why not". Its not everyday you see Max Factory's figures go for that kind of price. Hell even the figmas are more expensive.

Picture 2 in [Max Factory 1/8 Tsuruya-san]

The accessories that come with this figure aren't the most exciting. But you usually buy a figure for the figure itself, and not the accessories. There are exceptions though.

Picture 3 in [Max Factory 1/8 Tsuruya-san]

With Tsuruya-san, you get a nekomimi band, a cat tail and another hand. Now I'm not sure what that other hand is for but I'm assuming that you replace her open hand with a hand that's trying to imitate the claw of her cat, giving her the appearance of a cat girl cosplayer. However, I'm more interested in Tsuruya proper.

Picture 4 in [Max Factory 1/8 Tsuruya-san]

Here she is, in all her green-haired, large forehead nyoron glory. I must say that the blue that was chosen by Max Factory was, compared to Alter's Mikuru Maid, more of a brightness and colourfulness choice than realism or beauty. They pulled it off though, and this blue looks just as good as the duller blue from Alter.

Picture 5 in [Max Factory 1/8 Tsuruya-san]

I love 1/8 scale figures, because the majority of the scaled figures are 1/8, and they somehow look just the right size.

Picture 6 in [Max Factory 1/8 Tsuruya-san]

Like many other figurines, Tsuruya's massive hair dominates her looks from the back. I wonder if anyone in real life would find it practical to have so much hair you might end up sitting on it. As I grow up I tend to get a fondness for slightly older girls. Maybe its because one gets tired of having to calm down hot headed kids?

Picture 7 in [Max Factory 1/8 Tsuruya-san]

Here's the 2 third-years standing side by side. Interestingly enough, when I look at this photo, I realized that I actually think that Alter's Mikuru is nicer than Max Factory's Tsuruya. Maybe that's why Tsuruya was going for so cheap?

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