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Dengeki has finally decided to get Max Factory to make a figma that has Shana's original form! This is a special edition figma though, which was only available via magazine order through Dengeki. I managed to get my hands on one though, through voodoo magic taught by the witches at world's end. She isn't EXTREMELY different from the red haired Shana, but its nice and refreshing to see a normal Shana once in a while.

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It struck me as strange that Shana, the girl who's actually got black hair is mostly sold as a girl with red hair. I guess its because we remember Shana as the "red haired flame eyed hunter" and thus her image as a redhead stuck.

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Black haired Shana comes with pretty much the same stuff has Red haired Shana came with. (I'm so happy I was given a chance to have a spare katana to replace my broken one ^^;) The only difference is, Shana's hair and eyes and eyebrows are black, the melon pan doesn't have a bite bitten out of it, and there's a tsundere face.

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Obligatory view from the side. *gets kicked by Shana*

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I must say that the tsundere face is my favorite face. She can do all sorts of serious looking poses, and still look shy. Its incredible how attractive a girl who acts and looks insecure can be to other boys.

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I...I...It's not like I made it for you or anything >.>

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Her tsundere face can also be used to show her being stubborn and angry at people. Here Nyoroloid just got on her nerves. Short-tempered Shana decided not to go red-haired and cut the living daylights out of her. But then again, it might be just me being too lazy to actually go and do that scene.

Picture 8 in [Black Haired Shana figma EX002]

Or to reenact the first Shana scene in Cross of Venus. I must say that one of the things I wonder about with this Shana figma is the melon pan's holdability. The figma comes with absolutely no hands that can hold a melon pan right. You have to make the character pose in such a way that the melon pan is actually held by the figma and not make the figma look like its some victim of Lazarus Syndrome.

Picture 9 in [Black Haired Shana figma EX002]

A bit more light kinda erases the blushes on her cheeks. This takes the dere away, leaving her with the tsun face. Useful for the sword

Picture 10 in [Black Haired Shana figma EX002]

Y...you... PERVERT! HENTAI! After learning my lesson with the previous Shana's katana, I realized that Shana's hands, although made to hold the sword, was still too small for me to comfortably fit the sword into the hand. So what I ended up doing was I used a drill bit to make the hole in the hand large enough for the katana to slip through without much pushing. If you intend to get a Shana and will to do more than just posing it, I'd recommend you do the same, for the sake of the Nietono no Shana.

Picture 11 in [Black Haired Shana figma EX002]

Comparing Black Hair Shana with Red Hair Shana, there really isn't much difference besides the hair. One can sense, however that her uniform is slightly different, and Alastor is also darker with black haired Shana. Apart from that they are still the same tasty loli with zettais. Expectedly, most of the parts are reused.

Picture 12 in [Black Haired Shana figma EX002]

Who's the imposter? The tones of the black haired shana is also no less attractive than the red haired shana. Black haired Shana's hair has obviously been coloured with some level of care to be able to look like its worthy of a fight against the translucent red hair.

Picture 13 in [Black Haired Shana figma EX002]

Shana, being the incredibly cute loli that is extremely popular with me, is an awesome source of delight everytime I look at her. I think that Dengeki has made the right choice to license a black haired figma, even though its just an exclusive item, it is nonetheless very special to me. (Extras and backup replacements GET).

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