Apr 26

The last post was mostly figma mods of Haruhi and Lucky Star characters. In this post however, I’m going to show you some mods of characters not from those two, and despite them not having as crazy a fanbase as the KyoAni produtions, there are still some incredible modding adventures here everyone would want to have kids with. Again, credits of the pics go to the figma blog unless otherwise stated.

This one is from HK’s yui_style from the ToysDaily forums. He modded a figma Lacus Clyne out of a Hatsune Miku figma and an apparently rare Lacus Clyne figure.

At the time of modding, there weren’t any figmas that had short sleeves, so what he did was he filed down Miku’s lower arms to get some plain arms. Then, being the resourceful person he is, used the outer edges of Miku’s sleeve to make the upper part of Lacus’s boots.

He even went off and added the end of the sleeves as patches on to Miku’s hands, and of course, coloured the joints black. As a result, we get a transformation from green-haired songstress to pink-haired songstress. Don’t ask me how he got that Haro. I think it came with the Lacus figure. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

Here’s another one from yui_style here. Now that a figma Seto San has bare lower arms, he used it and replaced Shana’s lower arms with it. Then, for the upper arm, he cut out the upper sleeve and repainted it to get a white sleeve and upper arm. The next one was a straightforward repaint of the body, and as a result, he got a Shana summer uniform ver. The melon pan Shana is sitting on is a real melon pan by the way.

Next up is another guy from toysdaily. These pictures were ripped out of that forum post, so go there to see more. He’s called MAX and he managed to make a school uniform version of Rin Tohsaka using a Rin from Alter’s Type-moon Shokugan Collection, and naturally, a Rin Tohsaka ordinary clothes ver. figma. He took the Shokugan, cut off the arms and drilled holes into them and cut them properly to get the figma joints in. Then, he probably had to do something under her skirt to get figma Rin’s lower body attached.

Since the Rin from the Shokugan had a different paint, it seems shinier than the figma Rin. I was particularly impressed by the modifications to fit the arms. I find it hard to imagine myself cutting the arms off a perfectly beautiful figure and reshaping them into parts for an action figure.

Here’s a big surprise if you asked me, it was the only picture I could find of a Hakurei Reimu figma. This one was made by Tokumei too. Actually, I forgot to mention that Tokumei is the Japanese version of “anon” (anonymous). So apologies to those of you thinking Tokumei was actually a name (heh). Jimmy Anon. :P

The figma blog only mentioned that this was made for a Christmas contest, but wasn’t in time, and so he took this picture anyway. It seems that Hakurei’s ponytail comes from a certain Konami Figumate, and her back ribbon, big sleeves and ponytail clips were probably modelled himself. Does anyone have better pics of this Hakurei figma? I would really love to see it.

Here’s another amazing one from Nagato’s thief. Our awesome (and taken) heroine of Toradora, Aisaka Taiga! Here’s what I could gather from what he wrote about this figma: The waist and arms come from the Fate figma (I would never have guessed that) and the legs were from Shana (figures). The blazer is a modified version of ToLoveRu’s Haruna Sairenji with Heat Shrink Tubes.

The face comes from Figma Haruhi, and the back hair was made using Polyester Putty and the front hair was molded using polymer clay. I had thought that the hair would’ve been based off figma Mikuru’s but apparently this guy had enough skills to go off and mould the hair himself o_o. This modded figma has got some production quality to it. I really hope Max Factory would actually go and mass produce some Toradora figmas based off this ^^;

This isn’t really a mod, but I love the idea.

Next up is figma Seto San in a kimono! OMFG. This is probably one of the sweeter mods. Its made by Yakumaru(?) I think that’s how you say 邪虎丸. This was basically just l33t sewing skills in action and some very very creative ways of fitting such a small piece of clothing on the figma.

Next up from Niku. He modded out a figma Yuno from Hidamari Sketch using a Tsukasa figma. He filed off the ribbon from the head and coloured it, and added the hairpin. Then he recoloured the eyes. The eyes could be a bit better IMO… but that’s not for me to say ^^; I like how he took off the Lucky Star skirt and used Haruhi figma’s skirt instead, and used polyester putty to create the outer blouse. The Haruhi skirt looked like it was coloured with magic pens though. Overall, still quite a nice mod, though I’d like to see it as polished as the other figma mods too.

Next up is also from Niku. Its called “Private 2nd Class Kanako” Though I have no idea where this is from (somebody help me).

This is from a Cadillac which so happened to pass by. This one seems to be an original character modded from Shana’s face, hair and legs. I believe the clothes were made using Hatsune Miku figma for the body and arms. It looks like he sanded down Miku’s clothes so it would look like leather, and painted it all black. Even if it probably didn’t come from anywhere, it was pretty darn cool.

He says he wanted to make this because he couldn’t sit Shana on his model bike. Talk about gangsterizing your figmas to make your bike collection more attractive. I really wonder where the gun is from…

Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai. This one was modded by homa2 from a gachapon of Shiki and a figma Rin which was, coincidentally, the same size. He started off by trying to make the clothes using silicone tubes, but made a mess out of it.

One day he got a DVD with an action figure Shiki and used its moving parts as a reference to fix the body, and eventually it worked.

Even though it doesn’t look like it it seems this guy has gone through a lot in an attempt to make this. So I’ll have to give him credit for it.

This last one is an awesome mod of figma Fate Testarossa by Mizuna. It looks like the guy used Miku figma’s upper body as a base for the body and upper arms, and modified the right arm of two Fate figmas to make it so that she had the metallic gloves and a bare lower arm. The legs are from the original Fate figma.

I love how the guy modified the upper body so heavily to create the breasts and the belts, as well as actually getting those tights on the lower body and making it all look so seamless. The Riot Blade looks like it came from one of the Fate figures out there, though I could be wrong and he probably made it himself, and even added that metal chain to link the two blades together. Pretty damn creative.

Finally, the Japanese anon created a diorama room full of figma-scaled stuff. For your viewing pleasure. Credits go to the figma blog.

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9 Responses to “Amazing figma mods Part 2”

  1. 1. Kairu Ishimaru Says:

    OP image is pretty cool. But I can see the taskbar. >_<

  2. 2. jaser Says:

    You need to work hard to reach their level. ^^

    The Taiga mod doesn’t look like the original Taiga at all IMO. Oh, and about the “Private 2nd Class Kanako”, I thought she looks like Yomi in Ga-rei Zero. But I could be wrong.

  3. 3. haruka108 Says:

    same as jaser, i thought that one looks like Yomi too.
    and i believe the Riot Blades are from the StrikerS weapon line from Good Smile Co.

  4. 4. Yumeka Says:

    Amazing photos. I can’t believe how many figmas you have =D

  5. 5. bishiewuvr Says:

    Question: What’s a Haro?

  6. 6. Shandra Snead Says:

    I do not commonly reply to posts but I’ll in this situation.
    my God, i believed you were going to chip in with some decisive insght on the finish there, not depart it
    with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

  7. 7. soralover Says:

    OMG I SOOO WANT A FIGMA!! MY PARENTS WON’T LET ME GET ONE!! I’m SOOO MAD!!!!!! I really want the vocaloid ones do you know if there are any KAITO MEIKO or Megurine Luka ones?

  8. 8. krys villaster Says:

    does anyone know who does commissions for figmas? i need some custom figmas made. please help!

  9. 9. Brian Says:

    I love it. I make custom Figma as well, and would just love to submit one if possible for review.

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