Picture 1 in [Amazing figma mods]figma blog, which is edited by the people responsible for figmas themselves, Max Watanabe and Masaki Asai. Picture 2 in [Amazing figma mods]Lets start with the Lucky Star characters first. Someone called Niku made this figma from a Tsukasa figma. The idea of painting Tsukasa's hair pink is plain ingenius to me, and has already prompted me with the impulse to buy another Tsukasa figma. The result? A Yutaka figma. Not as loli though, but that can be changed by simply putting her head on Konata's body. Picture 3 in [Amazing figma mods]I'm not sure how this one was done though. My guess is that the hair was sanded down and repainted Nendoroid Petit Yuki Nagato hair. Though that means some significant modifications to the shape of the back part of the hair. Picture 4 in [Amazing figma mods]Another one from Niku. This was obviously waaay before the figma Kagamiku was actually announced or even rumoured, and to tell the truth, I actually prefer this Kagamiku over the one Max Factory is selling me. Primarily because the body is a lot cleaner from the lack of abdominal joints. The idea is genius. Take a Kagami figma and extend the uniform out and recolor the skirt, hair and legs (for the zettais). Replace her ribbons at the base of her twintails with Miku-style ties, and you have a Kagamiku of your own. Picture 5 in [Amazing figma mods]This next one by bettsu. Its a Nagato cosplayer from Episode 6. The hair is from a Puchi Nagato, and the face is from Konata, but somehow modified to have sharper eyes and brown irises. The body was borred from the figma Nagato, which surprisingly, suits the Lucky Star characters extremely well, despite the difference in scale. This mod actually looks like it took a significant amount of time to work. Picture 6 in [Amazing figma mods] Picture 7 in [Amazing figma mods]Another one from bettsu. This one came out a bit later but I think he figured that he could do this for Misao, or maybe it just took some time to make. He filed off Tsukasa's ribbon and painted the hair black. Then, added sharpness to her eyes. Hence the slightly overthickened eyelids. Also, her fang was a very nice addition to Konata's XD face. Picture 8 in [Amazing figma mods]This one is from Tokumei. Another similar figma following the same formula of Puchi Nendoroid Hair and Face + figma body. It actually seems to work quite well. I must try it myself sometime, I'll let you guys know if it actually works out. Picture 9 in [Amazing figma mods]This one is a pair from someone known as Mr. T. Same formula of Puchi Nendoroid hair and face + figma body too. This time however, they managed to build Hiyori and Yutaka. I think I like this Yutaka better than the repainted Tsukasa hair version. I'm getting more and more tempted to start grabbing ingredients to do this. Picture 10 in [Amazing figma mods]Here's a Kagami head on a Hatsune Miku figma body, but that's not the interesting one. I'm more interested in the Konata at the back. She's wearing the evil witch cape! HOW DO YOU DO THAT!? HER HEAD WON'T FIT! I TRIED TOO! The picture you see in this post is actually a hack. I couldn't put Konata's head in there. But I think I managed to bluff some people by just laying her head there with a laughing face thinking people will actually fall for it. (Not to mention the picture itself is a composite of 2 pictures. HA! I know some of you didn't know that!) I think that he actually had to start cutting and gluing plastic to make it so that Konata's head could actually fit. Picture 11 in [Amazing figma mods] Picture 12 in [Amazing figma mods]This is an interesting one. Its not made by a Japanese person, but by someone called Peter. Here's the excerpt from his description of this figma:

My name is Peter and I live in United States.

Although I understand Japanese just a little, but I check Figma reguraly because it's very entertaining.

Not too long ago, I saw Hiyori (from Lucky Star) Figma from the blog, after I saw it, I was eager to make one for myself too because Hiyori is my favorite Lucky Star Character.

I managed to get Nendoroid Petit Hiyori and Konata Figma from AAA Store (Official US distributor), and worked on it right away.

After I finished it, I realized that her hair is too short... >_<

So, I decide to customize her hair by using Konata's hair. 

I wouldn't have even thought about making this cute figma without getting a idea from Figma blog.
Thank you very much!

You have a wonderful day.

- Peter

Quite the adventurous guy I must say. He even provided a picture of him gluing Konata's hair to the nendo's hair to make it longer. Can you say ingenius? Picture 13 in [Amazing figma mods] Picture 14 in [Amazing figma mods]This Tsukasa isn't really a mod, but was a really nice figma mashup done by bettsu. He made an apron for Tsukasa and used Miyuki's embarrassed face and removed the blush lines on the noseridge and put it on Tsukasa. Then, she put a bowl on her head and put a toy cake in her hands. What better Christmas for a figma collector/modder? Picture 15 in [Amazing figma mods]Moving on to figma mods on Haruhi characters. These mods were done my Tokumei and I must say are the best mods I have ever seen. The mods are complex, but I'll just spit out what I am sure of, based off what I read from the figma blog. These figmas took him 4 months to complete. Get that. These are very very detailed and go way beyond simply re-fitting parts from another figure to create a mashup that would represent another figure. Picture 16 in [Amazing figma mods]Mikuru's costume seems to be hand tailored. I think he used the Mikuru uniform body, I know I would, since it would already provide the white arms. The laces, frills and yellow ribbon were probably moulded himself and added on to the top. Though I get the feeling I've seen that ribbon somewhere. he also probably added stuff to cover the neck with a turtleneck collar. The dress was probably made himself too, replacing the school skirt. I might dig in further for this, because this figma looks production quality, and I can't stand not knowing how you do this in a private personal workshop. Picture 17 in [Amazing figma mods]Here, I can tell from the outset he used Kagamine Rin's shorts. the arms and upper body were probably from another Chouyusha Haruhi, and he probably took another figma's bare lower arms and replaced Haruhi's gloves. Either that or he filed down the Chouyusha Haruhi's gloves to a shorter version. It could be from armored Saber too. The red hands were from a Nanoha figure, but just coloured red from black. The cape is almost certainly custom. I haven't seen a figma with a cape like that anywhere. But it COULD be a heavily modified cape from the Fate figma. Who knows. Another thing I like about this, is the way he modified Nagato's expression to a dere dere one. I think I'm falling in love with it. I'm not sure how you do it, but I think I'm going to try and mod my Nagato's face too, for Kyonko, since its just a bit strange that Kyonko doesn't have at least a dere facial expression to use when reacting to Haruhi's abuse. Picture 18 in [Amazing figma mods]Here's Kyon's sister from "The person who stole Nagato". I have no idea why, but that's what the name means anyway. He said that the arms from ordinary figmas were too long, so he tried to do some cutting and ended up actually making his own custom joints and arms from resin dipped in oil-based paint. The head, hair and dress come from the Figure Meister Kyon's Sister. He took Nagato's legs, since they were pretty childlike (If you ask me, I think he did some cutting there too, on the knee side). Picture 19 in [Amazing figma mods]The sleeves for her shirt and her socks were cleverly made with heat-shrink tubes. He didn't explain however, what he did with the nether regions, but I'm guessing now that he actually cut off the lower abdomen of another figma and glued it to the body proper of the Figure Meister. Then, he used that to connect the legs to the figma. Another very adventurous mod I must say. Picture 20 in [Amazing figma mods]Here's Kunikida from Suzumiya, also done by Nagato's thief. He said that because it was just difficult to file away the head of another figma to get the right face, he decided to grab some resin and just do it himself. Thus, he custom made the face and hair of Kunikida, and attached him to an Itsuki Figma with length-reduced arms. Picture 21 in [Amazing figma mods]Personally, I think that despite this being a plain display of modding skill and cleverness, I also think that he got the eyes from Shana figma. Somehow. he probably had to take the face and add some resin around it to actually get the shape he wants. then, he would scratch away the part of the eyes that he doesn't want and then make some hair and stick it on top. Sounds easy, but I can assure you that after doing a mod that seemed easy, easy is usually not the case. Okay, this post has gotten a little long, and I'm starting to wear out from writing, so look out at the next few posts for a continuation of this. I've got some more pictures of figmas from modders who actually managed to make some amazing stuff, and doing the same, I'll write out what I know about those mods, based off whatever info I can extract from the figma blog and google.

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