Picture 1 in [Boredom]

"Whatcha doin'?"
"Looking at the stars"

Picture 2 in [Boredom]

"What stars? I only see /b/"

Picture 3 in [Boredom]

"Hey Yuki. Haruhi-nee is calling for you."
"I can see your panties"

Picture 4 in [Boredom]


Picture 5 in [Boredom]


Picture 6 in [Boredom]

"That hurt."

Sometimes I wonder why girls love wearing miniskirts so much, and when it becomes obvious that guys are staring at their nether regions, they get all angry and stuff. Maybe they don't get angry, they just get "fired up".

written by astrobunny \\ black hair, boredom, kyonko, miniskirt, nagato, nagatoid, pervert, random, shakugan no shana