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Pretty damn cool! I must say that it sure is good for a romance comedy. Each of the episodes so far have been focusing on the development of each of the main characters. I guess this is all well and good for some tasty main course to come about!

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While being a romance anime, I must say there's very little pantsu in this show. This makes the show pass the Desert Island Test, where pantsu scenes are more valuable than in some anime where pantsu is common and the fanservice gets a little annoying sometimes when the girls go out of their way to do some silly dance that makes their skirts fly up.

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The show also has all the required stereotypes: the Tsundere, the Pervert, the Hopeless dreamer, the Athletic girl, the Brocon, the Beast and the sensible but hopeless and wimpy loser which gets all the girls.

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When I talk about Hatsukoi Limited, I must say that the art in this anime, although coloured very simply, is excellent. The low number of lines actually means the artists can pull together the shapes properly and make some really nice and cute looking girls while still being able to produce many frames.

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What I also love about the show is the unexpected and very gentle developments in the story, like the heroine warming up to the unlikely hero. These kinds of stories always make me cheer for the unlikely couple.

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Of course, one still watches this anime because of the abundance of girls in the show to suit your needs at every hour.

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Despite not having much pantsu, this anime still DOES have some fanservice scenes, and are used to great effect. Take this scene for example. The excuse she has for kicking him and revealing her pinkpan is no less than a superb example of fanservice.

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And near the end of the episode we get a glimpse of whats coming up next. A brocon. Oh I just love it when we get brocons that create perceived lolicons.

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I had one qualm about this episode though, and that was the existence of manly pantsu. After seeing it, I think I am now scarred for life. CAN'T UNSEE

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But all us well because our tsundere is now in Dere Mode. Oh what better girl to be in Dere mode than a tsundere...

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