May 09

After looking at Shance’s failsketch of what he calls “Loli Tohsaka Rin”, and as a fan of Fate/Stay Night’s young genius sorceress and romantic target, I felt obliged to salvage whatever was left of Rin’s cuteness and lovability in a sketch I did after having finally found my pencil box.

Like Rin-chan said: ONII CHAN NO BAKA!!

EDIT: I ended up CG-ing it too…

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3 Responses to “THIS is Rin-chan”

  1. 1. tragic comedy Says:

    i think the pencil was more charming.

  2. 2. AstroNerdBoy Says:

    I’m only just now watching the series (through episode 10). “Oniichan no baka” indeed. Is she channeling Ilya or something? *lol* Cute drawing though. ^_^

  3. 3. Shance Says:

    I did get my proportions right, it’s just that my scale of height for the loli genre is versatile, it may look what I want it to look according to the desired age.

    And since Tohsaka’s the “Model Student” type of person, it comes to fact that she’s aptly “built”, at least more than Ilya.

    DRAWMOAR, NEVERMORE, astro. Hahaha.

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