Picture 1 in [Hayate no Baka.]

SERIOUSLY, SINCE WHEN DID HAYATE NO GOTOKU TURN FROM SUNDAY MORNING CHILDREN'S SHOW TO LATE NIGHT EROGE ADAPTATION?! ZETSUBOUSHITA!!! ... Anyway, apart from the ugh and the ergh of the show, this episode is pure win in terms of harem quality and tsundere power. Over the last season the girls in Hayate no Gotoku have been developed so well (in terms of character, not what you're thinking) that this kind of episode was the logical next step. DESPITE it being the logical next step, I still didn't see this one coming.

Picture 2 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Hinagiku is cute as ever, even when she's trying to wrap her mind around whatever Hayate said that she wasn't expecting.

Picture 3 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Even though this season's character art involves less lines, less gradients and more solid and brighter colors, I don't see how art quality has diminished at any time. Our beloved characters are still very very well formed, and very nice to look at. Especially Hina-chan. And look at that meticulously painted cabinet at the back.

Picture 4 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Apron Hinagiku overflows with win, she emits enough win energy to power a flotilla of Starfleet vessels and an entire Armada of Zentraedi warships in space. Not to mention create enough power to implement Operation Yashima 1000 times.

Picture 5 in [Hayate no Baka.]

This episode, we are also treated to some awesome misunderstanding.

Picture 6 in [Hayate no Baka.]

As she tries to hide the fact that Hayate is living with her.

Picture 7 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Hayate is a blockhead after all.

Picture 8 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Well they are both blockheads to a certain extent. Guys, think about the people around you!

Picture 9 in [Hayate no Baka.]

... and the birds!

Picture 10 in [Hayate no Baka.]

... and the plants!

Picture 11 in [Hayate no Baka.]

... and the audience!

Picture 12 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Ma, that's all good, as long as we get more Hinagiku win, the sole and only reason I currently watch Hayate no Gotoku.

Picture 13 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Look at that clip. The harmony of colours and tidy hair that it provides by just being there makes her large forehead all the more attractive.

Picture 14 in [Hayate no Baka.]

We are also treated to some girl on girl

Picture 15 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Oh Hina, you so fine. I love you long time.

Picture 16 in [Hayate no Baka.]

2girls1cat anyone?

Picture 17 in [Hayate no Baka.]


Picture 18 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Wha...? You!? No wai!

Picture 19 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Where did Hina-chan learn to be so valiant anyway...

Picture 20 in [Hayate no Baka.]

I get the feeling I've seen the cat somewhere before...

Picture 21 in [Hayate no Baka.]


Picture 22 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Picture 23 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Picture 24 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Hina-chan is awesome. ... ... Ahem. Sorry I got carried away fanboying over Hinagiku. AAAnyway, this episode also brings us some of the requisite fanservice to be an awesome episode.

Picture 25 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Unlike Shikaku no Regios which tends to overlook the fact that having lots of FELLI in the show increases its ratings, Hayate no Gotoku understands the needs and wants of the audience. And they provide ample amounts of win to all of us. As a result, this series is now super-popular with me. Be sure to buy Hayate merchandise when it comes out to support this awesome anime.

Picture 26 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Hinagiku is the paragon of what all girls should be. Her chivalry is matched equally by her feminineness. Just look at that face, it makes you forget how firm she could be and who she really is.

Picture 27 in [Hayate no Baka.]

It just makes you want to tell her to smile. Just smile...

Picture 28 in [Hayate no Baka.]

But perhaps bathtubs are good places to meditate on things.

Picture 29 in [Hayate no Baka.]

Do you think Hina-chan is made of pure win?

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