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Okay. The circle is complete. (and the old poll is getting old anyway) Time for all of you to pledge loyalties! The ultimate question of the universe must be answered: WHO IS THE MOST POPULAR K-ON BAND MEMBER? Is it Akiyama "moe moe kyun" Mio, Tanaka "Mio is Moe" Ritsu, Hirasawa "I am Senpai" Yui, Kotobuki "I luv Sawa-chan" Tsumugi or Nakano "IKEMASEN" Azusa? It is YOUR turn to decide. Vote for your favorite character, and the winning character will enjoy a nice tl;dr post of awesome and win of every form.

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I'm not sure how much longer my body will last under the strain of intense moe stampede KyoAni has been feeding us lately. Ever since the introduction of Azusa, it seems like our latest moe champion Mio has been relegated to second place. It seems like despite her apparent disgust for people who constantly moeize her, she ultimately shows that deep inside, she WANTS it.

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Yes. I started playing [email protected]. Since about a few months ago. The first thing I noticed within the first hour of playing this game is: This game is freakin pointless. Its pretty and all and it feels like you are in anime world and everyone around you speaks Japanese, but it ends there. You change your clothes to look like your favorite anime character or dress yourself up like a girl you fancy, and then just sit down and chat with everyone. Here I'm in CLANNAD island picking dangoes.

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