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Oho. This was unexpected. For the class's top pervert and loser to be going out with the class beauty is one of those things which happen so often in real life that you'd wonder how anything of that sort happens. Hatsukoi Limited is really picking up on this.

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Much as this episode is about Dobashi and Terai, I think that the more interesting story was the one which didn't get much air time. I thought there would be some development after that sports meet, but I didn't expect it to be that much. I guess that's how you'd tell the story when you have such a limited number of episodes to develop so many characters.

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Typical tsundere is typical. Though, when the series started, I never really liked her. I was repulsed by what she had to say about boys and her looks. Seriously, boys really aren't all about the looks I'm not sure where she got that from but thats a sure way to get lots of lolicons stalking you. Then again, it seems I'm paying more attention to her than I expected myself to. Haet begets loev?

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They must come out quickly with an episode where Enomoto and Kusuda's relationship is in full bloom. It would be so nice to watch.

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On another note, Dobashi's got the awesomest mating ritual.

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