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Sometimes just wished that Kyon is a girl. It would make the anime over9000x better than what it already is now, not to mention more realistic too. Every time I look at Kyonko, I scratch my head and wonder... Who the fuck was the genius that thought this up?! He'd better enroll in MIT and bring us into a true space age, because just in case you haven't noticed, more than 60 years after the first flight to the moon. we still don't have space colonies. Seriously, wtf.

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Well, okay. Its pretty damn difficult to make any progress now that terms like "copyright" and "intellectual property" are such a big thing these days, and cost so much time and effort, time and effort that would be better used to find out where human consciousness lies, or whether the Higgs particle really exists. Do you see where I'm getting at?

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Like, okay. Just imagine living in a world where your cousin lives on Luna, and you regularly fly to Japan via the solar-powered skyrail for your tuition. We all throw rubbish in black holes and mining on mars has lowered the costs of steel and copper, making massive space colonies and exoskeletal mobile suits possible.

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*I* think that all of this would actually happen if people didn't give as much of a fuck about copyright and IP as they do now. Okay, fine, its not fun when someone comes around, copies your work and gives it away for free, making you lose what could've been a cash cow for you. But nowadays, things are being taken too far. We hear of the Happy Birthday song being copyrighted in the USA. Okay that's a silly example. Let's hear another one where a guy makes a computer that is 1000x faster than what we currently have, but gets sued to bankruptcy by some company that doesn't produce anything but owns a patent to something similar to the person's cpu design. Now THAT's going to hurt a lot of people. Imagine, 1000x. I can imagine a utopia of computers that are suddenly 1000x faster. Think of all the things you could do, and all the games you could play.

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My point now leads me to subject that is highly relevant to my interests, and carries the status of taboo in anime conventions these days, and is probably the only other thing that producers of anime talk about in public. Fansubbing. That's right. I've once posted large numbers of Greg Ayers's youtube vids from conventions about how he uses very mature, very rational talk into trying to convince us not to support fansubbers, and that true fans sacrifice their hard earned money and the opportunity to someday afford that small house to be able to enjoy hideously overpriced and underdelivered DVDs that only contain 1 or 2 episodes in them.

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If you make something so expensive, and that something is so damned easy to pirate, I don't know what you're encouraging us to do. Perhaps, some producers, I'm not saying names, like the Japanese producers to think about what this really means. Trying to censor the internet or bribing politicians to pass laws that make it hard for people to use the Internet will only earn you a bad name, and pirates will get more publicity. It's really backfiring at you. For some reason, they just keep doing it... Humans are interesting.

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Thus, since humans have the tendency to do things that result in the exact opposite of their desires, we'll let them have it. Screw you all, whoever owns the license to Haruhi. I'm fansubbing again. Oh and Kyonko wins. Any of you who are going to sell stuff in comiket plzplzplzplz maek some hawt Kyonko anime kthxbai.

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