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Finally, KyoAni answered our prayers and gave us a nice little Kyou episode. Although I wished they'd make it longer, like a movie or something instead of just a short 23 minute episode. Even so, despite being a full episode, it wasn't really as touching as the Tomoyo episode. It was missing some kind of magic. Even so, I'm still happy to be able to see Kyou one more time.

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To be honest, this is the first time I've seen Kyou look so miserable. I really wonder why people always go melancholy when they're in an unrequited love situation. It's really interesting that Kyou changed so much from just being in love.

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I mean look at her. This really isn't like her to get all sulky over something that's (sorta) none of her business. I really wonder what she's trying to achieve by walking outside in a sweater in an unkept manner. Despite being a pretty girl, the animators actually managed to make her look like a mess. Though, come to think of it, I kinda like her when she's a mess. GAH WHAT AM I THINKING?!

Figma reaction to Kyou and Tomoya:

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Yeah I know. I WTF'ed too. That was way too quick, but it did make an awesome basis for a rumour and Kyou doing insane and irrational things.

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We love your laugh Kyou, but you're not hiding anything.

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Her sadness seemed to be increasing exponentially this episode.

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I'm sad....

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Hug me.

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I get the feeling that Ryou has bigger breasts than Kyou.

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I love the guess who scene. It really brought out the emotions they were going thru.

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For some reason, a girl cutting her long hair is a very very big deal. No, I'm serious.

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"No way you steal my boyfriend."

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"You're too late. If you really loved him you wouldn't be running away"

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She's like a mix of Ryou dere and Kyou dere.

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Doesn't Kyou under a shadow remind you of someone?

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Someone who was in the hospital for quite a long time?

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Confirmed. Kyou's breasts are nowhere as big as Ryous.

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Short haired Kyou ftw.

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Kyaaa Tomoya is so lucky. I want to have many lives too, and in each life have a Kyou, a Ryou a Nagisa, a Tomoyo and a Kotomi.

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