Picture 1 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]

My recent infatuation with Yuu has prompted me to open one of those figma boxes I hadn't bothered to open until now. Strangely I wonder where all the excitement of opening these boxes went. I guess its just a transient thing.

Picture 2 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]

Okay so besides Tsuruya and yet another face, we see a blob of orange hair on the side. Looks like Max Factory really is trying to push people to buy 2 boxes of this, so they can grab their own Mikuru figma and dress her up as a maid too. Well that's not a bad business strategy. After all, otaku are not known for their thriftiness.

Picture 3 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]

Here's Tsuruya! Max Factory has not slacked yet, and we get a similar level of goodness in the figma when compared to the 1/8 scale statue. I just love how photogenic the folds on the dress are. And that forehead. That magnormous forehead... Someone needs to go up there and draw something on it. *restrains self*

Picture 4 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]

Similar to the school uniform Tsuruya-san, the figma's hair's weight forces one to push the legs as far back as possible to maintain a good center of gravity for balancing. Once you do this several times you start to get the hang of it and know how much to push the legs back to balance the figma.

Picture 5 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]

"Hmmm... lookie what we have here."

Picture 6 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]

"Ehhh... Tsuruya-san... why are you staring at me like that..."

Picture 7 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]

"Stop crying and let me tie this ribbon."

Picture 8 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]

"There we go. I hereby crown you MEIDO PRIME"
"Ehhh Tsuruya-san... I can do this by myself... It's embarrassing... people are watching..."

Picture 9 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]

Celebrate the creation of COSPLAY MEIDO MARK II a.k.a. MEIDO PRIME a.k.a MIKURU-CHAN.

Picture 10 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]

Woot. Now my room has its own cafe, with its own waitresses. AND THEY ARE MAIDS!

Picture 11 in [Maid Cosplay Figma Senpais]


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