Picture 1 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

Some of you who hang out with me would know that I broke my Kagamin figma's neck on Tanabata. Which is why I used Kagamiku in the picture instead. It was no accident. But the Kagamin figma's neck breaking was. It was a very bad omen for me. I had a bad time at work and nearly got into an accident. All is fine now however, as I faced my fears and set out to repair my beloved figma.

Picture 2 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

In an effort to take some pictures of Kagamin on high places, I forgot just how fragile figmas were. When Kagamin fell down and her head rolled away from her body, I knew it was something horribly bad. Thanks to that I was in denial for almost the entire month of July.

Picture 3 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

Some friends tried to console me and tell me it was possible to repair her with a drill or screws to pull out the neck bit. In my despair I shunned all advice and retreated into isolation for some time.

Picture 4 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

It turned out however, I had a power drill lying around somewhere so I decided to drill the bit of Kagamin's neck that was stuck in her uh... throat first. Because without a hole, it would be impossible for the head to penetrate it. I also had extra figmas whose heads aren't useful. I decided that perhaps it was time to face my fears and work with it.

Picture 5 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

The operation took a while and I was clumsy at first. But the throat survived the drill. I couldn't take pictures while I was drilling because I was in tears and crying hoping for the best as I tried to repair her. However I finally managed to drill Kagamin and remove what was left of the neck so a new connector could go in.

Picture 6 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

Picture 7 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

Using the head of a plier I managed to pull the broken neck out of the back of Kagamin's head. I had to do this carefully lest I would damage her brain and Kagami would lose all memory of me.

Picture 8 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

Thanks to my hardcoreness I had an extra Tsuruya-san head lying around. Since the neck connectors were the same for all figmas, I managed to quickly nip off the neck connector from the extra Tsuruya-san head and transplant it to Kagamin's head. I hope her body does not reject it.

Picture 9 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

Now, Kagamin finally has a new lease on life thanks to the modern plier and power tool technologies. Also, I must thank tragicomedy for helping me through all this. The pain was made much easier with supportive friends around.

Picture 10 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

After reconnecting her head, I finally allowed Tsukasa to see her sister again.

Picture 11 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

She was overjoyed, despite the gruesome presence of Kagamin's old neck and its remnants still stuck to the tip of the drill bit.

Picture 12 in [Ressurrecting Kagamin]

Alas, the two sisters are together again. Kagamin seems slightly shorter because she missed a month of important growing during the time she was "dead" with a broken neck. Tsukasa looks like the older sister now but still calls Kagamin onee-chan.

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