Jul 27

I didn’t expect my last blog post to be embraced with such a warm response, and I would like to thank Tadano Suki, Nakano Azusa, Katherine Williams, Tuna, Kimura Reiko, Tiara, Suna, Sylvia, Kate, Rita and Sancta for posting all those constructive comments from the same IP address.

I’d like to say that I really enjoyed the event, and the cosplayers were a lot of fun too. I’m not sure why the spammer got so hot and bothered about what I said about the cosplayers because its true, but I’ll let it say what it must to get over it. For those of you who were awesome, kudos. To those of you who failed, just try harder and earn a place of praise in my future posts.

And to the one I bought posters from, you’re awesome ;). See you at Armaggeddon.

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9 Responses to “Thanks for all the fish”

  1. 1. This should be pretty obvious.... Says:


    Dude… You’re enraging them. I won’t be able to say no soon.

    We also want pics. Please? 8D
    Srsly, it’d be epic.
    Come onnnn~

  2. 2. creature124 Says:

    Dude, you are a fool.

    You are entitled to your opinions. However, sharing them with the very same group of people you just insulted doesn’t really say much for your intelligence.

    Post on. And I also certainly hope to see you at armageddon – I’d just love to give you a peice of my mind face to face.

    Until then, blog on, I guess. Maybe one day you will learn what tact is, and how to properly use it.

  3. 3. Sylvia Says:

    Haha we’re not actually all the same person. Two of us are using the same IP address but another 3 or 4 aren’t.

    Just so you know, you should spend some time on CGL and learn what fail means in cosplay terms.

  4. 4. Tammy Says:

    I will kill you.

  5. 5. Emperor Lelouch Says:

    Well, if you weren’t so sure why some people got heated, let me ask you a question. Why’d you take pictures of ‘fail’ cosplayers? Just for the express purpose of mocking them? Idiot.

  6. 6. Sylvia Says:


    you crack me up.

  7. 7. creature124 Says:

    lulu has a point, you know. I guess you are just some kind of masochist right?

  8. 8. Rei Says:

    aaa im reopening wounds as i read these posts XDDD lol post more about random crap (i mean like your usual anime reviews and such) so i don’t see this on your front page anymore 8DDD yes i am going to follow your blog now because i do find everything else interesting 8DDD

    *bounces off the walls* im too happy lately … because my plans so far have been going well … hopefully it won’t derail … … …

    but yes

    post more stuffs so i can not see these posts anymore 8DD

  9. 9. Konata Says:

    I never see your Len figma anymore what happened to him did he die and go to figma hell or something?

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