Picture 1 in [Stupidity and Heroism do come in one package]

After seeing Lust regenerate several times already, Roy and Havoc still stood around where Lust obviously didn't move from. Now, I wonder why. The only word floating around my head during these 3 minutes was "stupid". After Havoc got stabbed by Lust's fingernails, I had that "I told you so" moment and continued to wonder if this was really just a satire of the military in real life.

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Though many people don't advocate that thinking because of gratitude to defenders of the nation, perhaps stupidity and heroism do come in one package. After all, you need to be stupid enough to risk your life. So, it is one example where stupidity really helps. Only, this is an example where the same stupidity isn't very handy.

Picture 3 in [Stupidity and Heroism do come in one package]

Of course, the part where Lust said something about "sticking your hand into a woman's chest" was somewhat arousing...

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