Picture 1 in [Loot post: Kagamiku Nendoroid]

So yesterday Seto's encounter with a box seems to have produced some monster drops. One of those monster drops was a Kagami cosplaying as Miku nendroid. I have said many times before that Kagamin's cosplay of Hatsune Miku is such absolute win, it might take another 1 billion years before another race dominates the Earth and creates something more moe than this. In other words, Seto has very high LUK. I should give her the +10 LUK brooch of Nehalem sometime.

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Picture 1 in [A wild box has appeared!]

Seto ran into an F.O.E. today. It was a box, treacherous and bigger than her. Unfazed, Seto cautiosly steps up and surveys the curious object...

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