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So yesterday Seto's encounter with a box seems to have produced some monster drops. One of those monster drops was a Kagami cosplaying as Miku nendroid. I have said many times before that Kagamin's cosplay of Hatsune Miku is such absolute win, it might take another 1 billion years before another race dominates the Earth and creates something more moe than this. In other words, Seto has very high LUK. I should give her the +10 LUK brooch of Nehalem sometime.

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Since I had some Appraiser Magnifying Glasses available, I decided to start checking out the loot. It turns out this is a Kagamin Bedroom Defender. The package comes in the usual two-piece plastic framing that maintains a protective buffer between the edge of the case and reduces scratching on the figure itself, to ensure that she can work at maximum performance even after transit.

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She comes with a bare minimum of accessories, just enough for you to make a pose that you are comfortable staring at all day, and provides the option of letting Kagamin holding l33t leeks which she will use to fight off the boogeyman from your room in case he comes, and allows you to give her the typical emotic signs that are so typical of Kagamin.

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She is also very easy to disassemble to provide easy maintenance after certain periods of operation.

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This is her, staring in wonder at her new Master. Obviously, she is eager to start exploring the room and establishing vantage points for sniper placement and moe attack bases for any eventuality, as well as any guns that may be lying around for her to use in case of emergencies.

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Instead of guns however, we will provide her with her most powerful and regular weapon. The Internet Meme Leek. She will be capable of mowing down the entire Romulan Empire Starfleet with a swing of this great spire of epic. Though I doubt her ability to kill a fly with it. I might still have to do that myself.

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Testing... testing...

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Wait... wut...

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OMG I need tissues

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"Onee-chan! Wut happened!?"

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