Aug 30

I remember getting the Fraulein Revoltech Yuki even when I had the figma one. Thinking that Revoltech, a longtime maker of action figures would make something nice and decent too, I was instantly disappointed. Now comes another action figure brand from Aoshima called Mobip. At first glance, it looks like a very Chinese attempt to imitate figma’s runaway success at producing anime action figures. But being fans of a similar action figure brand, let’s have a closer look anyway.

The pilot products of the Mobip line are Natsume Rin and Kamikita Komari from the visual novel Little Busters! Their choice is probably pretty well reasoned. They probably decided that competing head on with the figma brand would be pretty suicidal, so they put out some characters that figma doesn’t produce to give people some reason to buy them.

They have copied figma’s stand and stand arm. After some closer inspection, you’ll find that the end connectors of the arm are fashioned in the same way as the figma’s stand arms, with the thicker connector for the stand and the thinner connector for the body. I would not be surprised if they were compatible. I think that this kind of connector that you have to stick into the action figure sucks, even if figma is doing it. Revoltech’s clip is a way nicer way of doing things.

The hip joints however, aren’t so figma. They are actually compatible with the Fraulein Revoltech’s legs. So you can replace the original legs with a revoltech leg if you so wish to.

One of the reasons you might consider doing this is because of the sheer ugliness of the hip joints.

The addition of Revoltech’s legs solves this surprisingly well.


Okay I digress.

Next, I must complain that the joints on the figmas used to hurt my eyes, but the Mobip’s are even worse. I can say a lot about the conspicuousness of the joints that ruins the feeling of continuity on the body of the action figure, especially the elbow joints.

Although a seemingly hard problem to solve, the figma line has obviously put some serious thought into this and found a way to make the joints not-so-conspicuous for bare arms. Obviously, the other makers haven’t yet been very successful in that regard. I must also complain again about the incredible visibility of the hip joints on the Mobip.

Next, the accuracy of the face. The ribbons seem to be a lazy attempt at making “something red and white that hangs off her head” and the blush lines on the face weren’t smeared the way they were in the game. It seems Mobip has had some difficulty with a minimum pen size for their painting, hence the rough imitations from the actual character. I must say that she seems to have been stretched sideways somewhat as well. They must’ve tried to imitate the figure by playing the game full screen on a wide screen monitor.

I must say Rin was given much more love than Komari. Its almost incredible how big the differences are between her shoulders and Komari’s, not to mention the lines on the collar. Its as if they got a meister to do the Rin on and a noob to do Komari. I don’t really like the face though…

See, Rin’s body looks a lot nicer and natural, compared to sex toy Komari.

Exchangeable pantsu might be attractive to some hardcore fans, but not me. I think that her shoulders need some serious fixing, and make that skirt a bit longer!

All in all, they seem to already have the basic skills to make some pretty damn decent anime action figures. The problems with Komari’s shoulders and their faces just need to be solved and I think they are on their way. Perhaps the future products in the line will be much closer to the high standards that the figma brand has already set.

Pictures from neconeco

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3 Responses to “Mobip: Figma competition?”

  1. 1. Snark Says:

    Whatever the case, its good to see another competitor enter the market. For what its worth, the humanoid Revoltech figures look a lot better now then when they first came up with them, so hopefully Mobip will improve over their future offerings.

  2. 2. micheak Says:

    these action figures are the best!!!!!!!!!!! you guys should send me some for free

  3. 3. Jena Bergholm Says:

    It is certainly genuinely astounding how quite a few people disregard (or don’t pay attention totally) to Google’s Webmaster Suggestions

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