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Hayate 24's main feature is a very cute very chibi Hinagiku. Not so much the tsundere character but more the altophobic Hinagiku. She gets dragged around a lot this episode so its not really appealing. I prefer her when she's a bit more assertive. Not that much blushing either, so there wasn't much appeal on that side.

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But just look at that chibiness!!! KYAAAA She almost feels like a plushie you want to hug while you go to sleep at night.

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Come to think of it she is still pretty active for an altophobic at high altitudes. I'm altophobic too, but usually I go quiet and still when I'm not in my element.

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We're not going to die here right?

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In other news, there has been a lot of cute Hinagiku this episode. All I see now is that the missing Nagi in Sakuya's house is just a filler plot for the episode.

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All of a sudden I want to learn this song.

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There should not be any question now why Hinagiku is my favorite character of the series.

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Perhaps JC Staff is trying to cash in on the popularity of Lucky Star-like semi-chibi character designs?

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