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And the title reminds me of K-ON. Its apparently a harem anime about a bunch of girls fighting for an as of yet undisclosed reason (though I'm sure said reason must be a really good one >.>) Though, I only watch anime for the pretty girls who aren't shameless bitches and who actually talk softly.

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Though Akane kinda turns me on too with her vulgar antics.

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The story apparently is about a guy, whose name and voice both sound girlish get turned into this:

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by random chance and a random bracelet that seems to have materialized around his wrist. Whether it is his true nature or that the heavens decided to make fun of him is left to question. One comes to wonder if there is some sort of campaign going on to improve Japan's fertility rate by getting boys to like each other and lower the self-esteem of the currently self-overvalued girls of Japan.

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...And these are the people responsible sent by those responsible for causing her/him/it to become Mrs. Hyde against her/him/its own will. Tastefully named plushies called Seppuku Kuro Usagi, Harakiri Tora and Kanden Yamaneko. You can tell by these names that they are quite suicidal in nature. Hence the overflowing intestines.

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I like how they turn this dere dere girl who seems to have a problem keeping her mind on the track of decency into a girl...

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Whose vulgarity knows no bounds.

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It probably has something to do with her messenger, a bunny, being fucking vulgar too. Though I don't know why I found it kinda cool.

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Their references to seiyuu by calling Seppuku Bunny sounding like Yukari because he is voiced by Yukari came as quite a cold wtf joke to me. Though I admire their effort. And putting the magazine up on the screen to try and make people "get it" and then making it seem as if a student who was reading these mags in the library walk off was quite an interesting way of pulling it off.

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Anyway. after watching the first episode, I have come to the conclusion that THE ANIME INDUSTRY IS TRYING TO MAKE ME GAY.

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Though Akane still is kinda hot, especially in her Red Hair Mode.

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I think she's in to SM too.

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Not that I'm interested in it or anything >.>

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