Oct 07

What made me chuckle today was Rin asking me what kind of drugs I was dealing to be able to get all these companions for her. I thought that that was pretty funny because I’m now way behind on making any figma comics lately. But since I’ve had a turn of events in RL, you’ll see more coming in a bit.

Seto was in charge of cutting today. Haruhi and friends didn’t seem to be around. Strangely, they seem to be out running around again for some strange reason which I don’t know about. I’ll ask my Kagamiku nendoroid what they’re up to later.

Shana just got home from school today, but was feeling pretty excited about what we were going to unveil when we opened this crate.

It turned out it was just a bunch of di:stage sets. The girls weren’t hesitant in expressing their disappointment at the lack of new friends.

The smell of smoked cheese however, did attract a certain someone.

Though it was something that made fun of her she nevertheless chuckled sportingly.

In the other box, (yes it’s high drop rate day today), there was just more di:stage stuff. The girls couldn’t help but stare in disbelief wondering what I was up to. Though there was always that suspicion that Haruhi might be expecting something when she gets back.

Since they were bored and stuff, Rin then took the chance to explain what the di:stage stuff is for, and how new kinds of comics will be possible with them. I think I should’ve taken notes. She’s unusually bright today.

Though, they did suddenly notice that there were indeed new companions coming, though not the kind that they expected.

The Golgo figma seemed pretty interesting as it showed on the box that a di:stage set was included with it too. I wonder what I’m going to do with all this stuff…

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  1. 1. Ryan A Says:

    Haha. They were expecting friends :D

  2. 2. Akito Says:


  3. 3. Akito Says:

    SHANA!! Awesome

  4. 4. astrobunny Says:

    Shana IS awesome yes.

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