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What made me chuckle today was Rin asking me what kind of drugs I was dealing to be able to get all these companions for her. I thought that that was pretty funny because I'm now way behind on making any figma comics lately. But since I've had a turn of events in RL, you'll see more coming in a bit.

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Seto was in charge of cutting today. Haruhi and friends didn't seem to be around. Strangely, they seem to be out running around again for some strange reason which I don't know about. I'll ask my Kagamiku nendoroid what they're up to later.

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Shana just got home from school today, but was feeling pretty excited about what we were going to unveil when we opened this crate.

Picture 4 in [Wallet has low HP.]

It turned out it was just a bunch of di:stage sets. The girls weren't hesitant in expressing their disappointment at the lack of new friends.

Picture 5 in [Wallet has low HP.]

The smell of smoked cheese however, did attract a certain someone.

Picture 6 in [Wallet has low HP.]

Though it was something that made fun of her she nevertheless chuckled sportingly.

Picture 7 in [Wallet has low HP.]

In the other box, (yes it's high drop rate day today), there was just more di:stage stuff. The girls couldn't help but stare in disbelief wondering what I was up to. Though there was always that suspicion that Haruhi might be expecting something when she gets back.

Picture 8 in [Wallet has low HP.]

Since they were bored and stuff, Rin then took the chance to explain what the di:stage stuff is for, and how new kinds of comics will be possible with them. I think I should've taken notes. She's unusually bright today.

Picture 9 in [Wallet has low HP.]

Though, they did suddenly notice that there were indeed new companions coming, though not the kind that they expected.

Picture 10 in [Wallet has low HP.]

The Golgo figma seemed pretty interesting as it showed on the box that a di:stage set was included with it too. I wonder what I'm going to do with all this stuff...

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