Oct 08

In the last post I said I got a figma Golgo. It was nicer than I expected, and comes with the biggest extra I’ve ever seen come with a figma. A di:stage basic set. I really didn’t expect it until I noticed that the box was unusually thick. Then it occured to me that there was stuff behind the red background.

When you open it, the first thing you’ll see and take out is the whole bunch of goodies packed up into the box. A di:stage basic set and 3 bags of lettering, fold-up walls and rooms to be used with the di:stage set for Golgo’s “room”, a fold-up paper chair and speech bubbles and stuff.

The figma itself comes with some nice accessories too. The figma himself and a sniper rifle which you can disassemble, and put into the gun bag that comes with it. He even has a small revolver and a cigar to smoke while he’s waiting for the prey to get near the window.

This is quite the manly figma. (I avoided Billy Herrington because there are many things in life that I wish to unsee and I don’t need any more.) Like Kyon, the jacket is made up of some tough-ish plastic and the pants are structured in such a way that it doesn’t look like panties.

His articulation and balance is awesome too. He’s very stable and very easy to stand. As expected of an assasin whom even Interpol has trouble catching.

His rifle is awesome too. I can think of so many things that this rifle can do. The scope is a little loose. I might need to make its connector a little thicker. The cigar is a very nice accessory for effect too. I’m getting excited already.

It seems after a few minutes of being in my room he’s already gained a candidate accomplice. What’s Rin trying to do anyway, get herself in trouble? It looks like she just got back from somewhere.

“Don’t touch.”

Rawr. Tools of the trade.

“Don’t get involved with me, kid. You’ll regret it.”

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7 Responses to “Figma Golgo 13”

  1. 1. ineser Says:

    Wow, Golgo 13 figma??!!

  2. 2. Snark Says:

    Goddamn, figmas never been manlier.

  3. 3. jaser Says:

    Actually there is . Whether it’s manlier or not, you guys be the judge.


    *Caution: Viewer discretion advised*

  4. 4. Snark Says:

    @ Jaser
    Holy shit you’re right. Golgo is but a stuttering girl child before the manliness of Billy Herington.

  5. 5. ineser Says:

    astrobunny should get that instead ( ´∀`)

  6. 6. astrobunny Says:

    How is golgo a girl compared to billy who likes boys o.O

  7. 7. Nyanya Says:

    o wondr how kyon would look holdin [email protected] cigar…:S?!

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