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Okay, so Sakura falls in love with this blue haired girl who saves her multiple times. But in reality this girl is really a boy, but this girl isn't a trap, he just transforms into a she, so Sakura fell in love with a real girl, so Sakura is a lesbian. Natsuru thinks its weird but... when he transforms into a girl, but since he's got a guy's mind he still likes girls does that mean he also becomes a lesbian when he turns into a girl?

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Sakura's cute and all, but I don't see her being hot enough to be an idol or anything. It was probably just made up to make a story. But then again, if you were a boy thinking Sakura is awesome and realizing she's lesbian, then you would probably feel pretty disappointed.

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Then again, if you could transform into a girl, would you like the girl that loves the girl you instead of the boy you who loves the girl who loves the girl you as a girl, who's hoping to have a normal boy girl relationship but that wouldn't work because the girl wants a girl girl relationship with the girl you?

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I guess even this is too much for me, the audience to handle. I get all fired up and stuff when I think about it. But the prospect of even becoming a girl is too much for me. What if I forget to change and wake up in the morning in the wrong gender during the wrong time of the month?

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I'd probably dance around trying to convince people nothing has happened when in fact I really have a problem with being myself.

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On the other hand, its amazing how Natsuru got used to being a she so quickly. It must be pretty easy to be a girl. Well, I guess he needed to get used to the extra baggage on her chest and the weaker legs quickly since he was going to be a victim of genderbending at the worst possible times.

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I must say however, Natsuru does look pretty damn cool and pretty damn hot because of her height, which she retains after transforming. Now I know why models must be tall.

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