Oct 11

Today I took a bus downtown and sat at Starbucks to write up a report. Since this involves the Federation Starfleet and defense technology, I can’t really say much about it, but I took Kagamin with me to keep me company.

An interesting thing about Starbucks is that because they serve coffee, you’ll never fall asleep doing your paperwork here. Also, I found myself being strangely productive compared to writing in my room. 10 pages in 3 hours!

Its probably because of all the figmas running around doing weird things I get distracted so much I end up playing with them. I guess I’ve gotta go somewhere else just to do my work because my room simply doesn’t have the kind of conducive environment for doing work.

Another great thing about getting out of your room and sitting in a public place to do your work is that because people are looking at you, there’s the pressure to look busy and BE busy. And since everyone with a laptop near you is doing something productive, doing your work helps you fit in.

Though, you should always space out each hour of work with short breaks with anime or bring a manga to read. It helps keep you zoned. Don’t watch anime with cliffhangers or anything exciting though, it will ruin your concentration. ARIA works very well for me.

At about 6 o’clock, it was time to pack up and head home for dinner. Kagami looked pretty tired because she had to watch me type out technical jargon and slap me when I miss my grammar once in a while because I’m listening to anime music at the same time. I too needed some catch some early rest because tonight we were going to go stargazing. I hope the skies will stay clear tonight…

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4 Responses to “Starbucks is a conducive place for writing reports”

  1. 1. BD77 Says:

    You brought along Kagamin to Starbucks? That’s new (to me).

  2. 2. Rockfest Says:

    The following has been classified by Starfleet Intelligence. Only those with Omega 12 clearance may proceed.

    Transphasic Torpedoes – A technology from the late 24th century specifcally designed to fight the Borg. It was designed by the then Captain Katherin Janeway of the Starship Voyager. It is based on generating a destructive subspace compression pulse. Upon detonation the torpedo delivers the pulse in an asymmetric superposition of multiple phase states. Shields can only block one subcomponent of the pulse. The other subcomponents deliver the majority of the pulse to the target. Every torpedo has a different transphasic configuration, generated randomly by a dissonant feedback effect to prevent the Borg from predicting the configuration of the phase states.

    At the time Voyager was marooned in the Delta Quadrant due to a spacial singularity caused by an entity known as the Caretaker. Throughout their journey, They encountered and engaged the Borg in dozens of armed engagements and most surprisingly, several negotiations. Voayger is the only known Federation Starship to have transversed the Delta Quadrants with a manned crew, making first contact with dozens of new species, and explored never before ventured space.

    Wow, I’m so bored atm….

  3. 3. Akito Says:


  4. 4. Yumeka Says:

    Your figma posts are so cute! I can never think of anything clever to do with my figmas XD Did anyone notice you taking pictures of your figmas at Starbucks?

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