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I must say this is one of the nicer fairytales I have watched lately. Even stranger is that it's not from Disney! It's about a world which doesn't have a sun, and most of the places unpopulated by humans are infested by enormous and deadly monsters called Gaichuu or Dangerous Insects.

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Because of this, the government's post office is responsible for general communications among the cities, and the personnel that carry out the task of transporting parcels and letters across the barren lands of Amberground, the world which they live on, are called Letter Bees.

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The story is centered on the life and adventures of a young Letter Bee called Lag Seeing, a young boy who was traumatised by the kidnapping of his mother. After being brought to a town and saved several times by a Letter Bee, he decided to become a Letter Bee himself.

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Letter Bees are accompanied on their journeys by loyal creatures called dingoes. They can be any animal, magical creature or generally, living thing that has the ability to assist the Letter Bee defending his/herself from the Gaichuu and completing journeys.

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In order to defend themselves against the heavily armored and immensely large Gaichuu on long journeys, Letter Bees rely on Shindan guns, or Heart Bullet guns that fire bits of their heart at Gaichuu. The idea is that if the bit of heart enters the body of a Gaichuu, it destroys it. Of course, firing bits of the heart has a price, for the soul will only last after so many shots before dying.

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Another side effect of firing bits of your heart and destroying Gaichuu is that it leaves a lot of stardust behind. Exposure to this stardust gives the exposed visions of the memories of the victims of the Gaichuu and the person who fired the Shindan. This is of course, one of the lovelier things about the anime. The memories are usually a flashback of something important to a person, or a very touching scene involving someone.

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Because the landscape is so dangerous, most cities prevent their people from travelling outside the city. Letter Bees however, have passes that allow them to cross the city borders freely. However, the catch is that you are responsible for delivering packages far and wide despite the risk on your life. And most Letter Bees don't get assigned where they wanted to go in the first place.

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All in all, it's a very very charming story, with all sorts of dingos protecting their masters in a way that they do best. I personally feel Niche and Steak, Lag's dingoes are slightly overpowered though. But I'm not complaining. She IS a loli after all.

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What I find most intriguing about the story is that it constantly dwells on the lost and past, which gives me lots of food for thought, and does remind me that many good things must come to an end, and that we should cherish all that we have right now, because we aren't going to be together forever.

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