Picture 1 in [Hohenheim...]

It seems Hohenheim is a man of many ages. So you've already got this awesome old hag Pinako to tap, what's up with you goin around messin with the children of the town?!

Picture 2 in [Hohenheim...]

I don't know whats up with this guy but he sure has no sense of fun. Ok, I can deal with that "omg I'm so emo because I killed a whole city in one night" kinda thing but seriously, c'mon. A man's gotta have his fun sometimes.

Picture 3 in [Hohenheim...]

Well, actually I miss the days when people weren't so screwed up and constantly associating boys talking about little girls with pedophilia and stuff. What's gotten in to the head of people nowadays anyway... They probably liek Agnes Chan to have the same thinking as her. People who don't like lolis are not human. Full stop.

Picture 4 in [Hohenheim...]

So before you do or say anything silly, I'm watching you...

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