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One of those things I love about Seitokai is that it is powered by so much moe and so much wtf, one cannot help but wonder if one will survive the 30 minutes of watching all this flood your head with 99.99% pure nonsense.

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Of course, moe is the very butter of the bread of anime. It's not nice without it. In fact, all the people I know who only enjoy not-moe anime are at least masochistic to some degree.

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And finally, all that nonsense comes at a price. That price is your comfort in your chair while your stomach gets powerful involuntary contractions from the intensely graphic depictions of scenes from other shows. Of course, I'd like to be able to not get a painful stomach from laughing, but I'd have to be Commander Data to do that.

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While I was laughing I kicked the table too hard and caused Tsukasa to fall off the Macbook. She ended up like this... ITS ALL YOUR FAULT CHIZURU

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