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Yes folks, I iz in AKL infiltratingz ur armegedonz. Armaggeddon Auckland was quite a bit bigger than Armaggeddon Christchurch, but contrary to my expectations, apparent anime fandom is not directly proportional to the size of the event. Here's my scoop on this event that I was actually heavily anticipating.

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With great power comes great responsibility and with great events comes great expectations. I think it goes without saying that the event has hit my expectations of the event actually being a pretty big event compared to Armageddon Christchurch. However, I have one expectation that the organizers probably have less control over.

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That's right, kids. It's cosplay. And I have high standards. Well, its probably better put this way: Christchurch cosplayers are better. BUT. A round of applause for Akita Neru who was pretty damn obscure except to true vocaloid fans.

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Your costume was even better than Len's. Well, if you would call uh... him Len.(They switched pants to play DDR too.) Len was pretty awesome at it though.
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There was a Miku too! Her negi probably went past its expiration date though...

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To Heart Lucky Star's cosplay is back too! Is this Kusakabe? Or Hiyori without glasses?

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Captain Harlock was awesome too.

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There was also a non-loli Hanyuu desu.

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Shana is one of my favorite characters. I didn't recognize her until I took out my camera and actually looked at my photos. How dare they... never mind. Just a thought, is Suou from Tamaki?

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Delicious Meido is awesome. Zettais are awesome. Ribbons on stockings are awesome. Full marks.

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OMG. Seifer. Where's Rinoa and Squall?

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Alright enough about cosplayers because there really isn't anything to talk about. The event was held on the ASB Showgrounds, which was a really big convention center. I'm not sure how to describe its bigness. Let's just say its 6 basketball courts.

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Here's the back of the building which had the better banner.

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And this was the line in front.

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It's nowhere near the Comiket's line though.

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Tragic's booth is back with lots of B Love.

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There was a big telescope but the eyepiece was blocked...

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EA games had a band too. Not sure what the beatles thing was all about though.

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The Xbox stage was pretty big too. Though they were just showcases of games that were already done to death on youtube.

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There was even an R18 section that was guarded by men in orange from south africa.

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I was expecting to see something a little more than something 12 year olds already play and know about.

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Y...y...you know ,just so you know I wasn't expecting hentai or anything like that >.>

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There were lots of Made in China goods too.

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One store of note is a hobby shop that was taken care of by people who uttered Japanese like they spoke it daily. Of course, they had some pretty nice stuff there.

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The Evangelion craze lives.

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They even have little puchis for sale.

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They even had all these awesome Gundams

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Jetstream Attack!!!

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These little badges that lit up were really cool too. They like blinked and stuff.

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There was the goth loli store too. Amu would like some of the dresses here.

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In the second hall it was pretty quiet, and there was this funny booth selling inflatables. They even had a decorated car, but they put it somewhere no one to see them.

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Its a nice car right? I don't know why they put it in the corner.

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The Wii area. Wii would like to play.

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There was also this cool yellow tub with plastic balls...

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That you roll around inside of.

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There was also this wrestling ring where you don this magnormous suit

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And bounce around trying to err... bounce your opponent. This should be turned into an olympic sport.

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The playstation castle is also filled with win.

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Because games are only fun when you have friends around.

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There were also some awesome independant artists. A shout out to the NinjaCats. Get their manga and show them their support! His drawings, despite being simple are pretty inspired. Most of us know that manga takes a lot of effort to draw, but result is really what matters, and the cats were freakin hilarious.

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I love it when people bring the Internets to real_life.exe

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And finally, this wouldnt be a post by Astrobunny if I didnt talk about how Kagami and Tsukasa dressed up specially for the event.

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They are awesome aren't they.

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And now for some fanservice.

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For some reason I feel nervous when Tsukasa holds guns up and stuff.

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But that was the least of my worries because a yan Rena found me.

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