Picture 1 in [A Day in a Cage]

Not too long ago Shana gave me some sort of telescope and told me it was a present. Little did I know that it was actually a consciousness transfer device when I was actually looking down from the moon at Seiyo Academy's little pet farm. I found myself locked up in a cage for no apparent reason after that and wondered why the hell my room's floor was made of dirt.

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It turned out I switched consciousness with a normal Earth rabbit, that this stupid blonde primate calls a Chordata something Lagomorpha something or rather Leporidae. I was captive in his and another rather cute pink-haired human. The amount of variation in their hair color astounds me.

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They tried to feed me a bale of hay and leftover vegetables from the market. Besides being the worst food in the universe: carrots, it had to be rotten and had some weird fishy smell on it.

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My captors decided to take advantage of my hunger and tantalize me with the foul smelling carrot piece, and threatened to not give me any more food if I did not swallow this down.

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In retaliation I decided to leap at it when it was least aware. You may have my body captive, but my mind is still free!

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Despite that, I was pretty damned hungry and decided I had to eat to preserve myself.

Picture 7 in [A Day in a Cage]

My captor seemed furious. Especially the blonde one. It opened the door and stormed its way towards me with the look of a loan shark ready to beat someone up for not paying up quickly.

Picture 8 in [A Day in a Cage]

It savagely grabbed me by the skin behind my neck (god it hurt) and attempted to strangle me to death.

Picture 9 in [A Day in a Cage]

Little did it know rabbits have awesome leg power. After spending less effort than I thought was needed, I successfully leapt out of its deadly embrace and headed for the door, with the pink haired one in pursuit.

Picture 10 in [A Day in a Cage]

Despite my efforts to struggle free from this pink haired monster, I was not able to escape its iron grasp. I realized that it was far stronger than the blonde haired one which was still waiting inside the cage. Perhaps this one is a superior of sorts, teaching the young one how to carry out the torture of bunnies in the most effective way possible.

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Unfazed, I continued my search for an escape route. These primitive creatures could not have made a cage that did not allow for escape. I was convinced that they were incapable of it.

Picture 12 in [A Day in a Cage]

In order to transport me to what I believe was going to be some sort of torture or gassing chamber, They tied a jacket and rope around my body and forced me to march. But I saw a flower patch and thought that perhaps Kagami would look really good with these flowers.

Picture 13 in [A Day in a Cage]

Excited, I managed to pull strong enough to force him to let go, an ran straight for the flowers. The human was surprisingly weak and unable to run, unlike the pink haired one. They were unwise to leave me in the care of such a puny member of their colony.

Picture 14 in [A Day in a Cage]

However, a shadow suddenly appeared above me. In a split second I though I was going to become turned into a meat porridge by a falling human. However, I was saved from being crushed by the blonde one. Presumably because he did not want another to have the pleasure of seeing me die in an exotic manner. Humans truly are a chaotic species. I can never understand them.

Picture 15 in [A Day in a Cage]

I realized that the only way to get back was to hope that the rabbit I exchanged bodies with would look through the telescope and see me in it, thus reversing the consciousness transfer. To that end, I decided to be highly uncooperative in the small hope that they might find torturing me unamusing and throw me back into the cage.

Picture 16 in [A Day in a Cage]

They were surrounded by some curious small hovering creatures that seemed to have telepathic capabilities, unlike the humans. In a stroke of luck, I managed to ward them off with a lie that I broadcasted via telepath to them.

Picture 17 in [A Day in a Cage]

It seemed like the red haired one who almost crushed me was of similar rank to the blonde one, and seemed bent on weakening my mind with stories of a traumatic childhood before actually executing her evil plans for me.

Picture 18 in [A Day in a Cage]

After a traumatic night of being inside a cage with no lights whatsoever, I woke up to find that I was once again in the comfort of my bedroom. I grabbed the screen and switched to Earthwatch and realized that the reversal, however unlikely, had been done. Now I know the plight of bunnies on Earth. I must organize them and teach them to use weapons and defend themselves against the humans someday! But first, I must settle a score with Shana for that cursed telescope...

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