Picture 1 in [Figma Drossel]

Not too long ago I was crying on Kagami's shoulders about not being able to get figma Drossel because it was completely sold out and my preorder could not be met. I personally found that excuse from the store quite unreasonable, since it really sounded like they were trying to hoard them because they were rare. Oh well. A good thing Max Factory did the right thing and re-released it again for poor people like us whose preorders were ignored.

Picture 2 in [Figma Drossel]

These are the things that were extracted from the box. Drossel comes with her flying fashion unit, complete with wings, and the funny headgear she uses when she does that strange acrobatic dance. She also comes with the standard set of hands and the book her father left her that contains all the knowledge he wants her to have.

Picture 3 in [Figma Drossel]

The twintailed robot at first looked at me in a very perplexed manner.

Picture 4 in [Figma Drossel]

After attempting to communicate with me, she became really fed up and frustrated over something. Though I get the feeling she understands me.

Picture 5 in [Figma Drossel]

So we got Haruhi to try and speak to her, figma to figma. But all Haruhi did was get really pissed at Drossel's lack of manners and started reprimanding her instead.

Picture 6 in [Figma Drossel]

Then I though we might need a more reasonable person to talk to her, but Kagami was as lost as I was in the attempt to try and verify that Drossel actually did understand us and reply in a sensible way.

Picture 7 in [Figma Drossel]

Finally, we gave up and left her alone for a while.

Picture 8 in [Figma Drossel]

She started dancing away and stuff doing things that would be akin to what a PC would do when left alone for a while: Run a screensaver.

Picture 9 in [Figma Drossel]

Then she seemed to have gotten tired of it, and started reading.

Picture 10 in [Figma Drossel]

Cute one she is, even though none of us understand her yet.

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