Picture 1 in [Kaede Owns A Graveyard]

One of those things that continued to puzzle me is a woman's liking for things related to death. I mean, besides what Google thinks. I see cloth shops that sell shirts with skulls on them and silhouettes of dead bodies, and there's also this skeleton animal range of shoes and clothes that have animal skulls on them. I found them quite disturbing. The girls I went out with kept trying them on.

Picture 2 in [Kaede Owns A Graveyard]

Perhaps it is the fact that girls are the ones who bring life into this world. Therefore, a darker side of them needs to balance this out with a liking for all things related to death. We men don't play such a big role in the balance of the universe, so we're happier to live and let live.

Picture 3 in [Kaede Owns A Graveyard]

Despite having seen people's brains flowing out of their heads as a result of accidents and seeing people's intestines surgically removed, I still cannot help but find these entrails animals creepy, even though they are anime and are just so cute at the same time.

Picture 4 in [Kaede Owns A Graveyard]

Maybe it is because Kaede's horribly impaled and maimed animals remind me of the Happy Tree Friends. A cartoon on the Internet that has given me nightmares for more than one occasion.

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