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When characters in a story develop, its just like getting to know a friend a little more. This usually results in the friendly types more dear, the gar types more likeable, and the twintails more moe. Her story is one that I can relate too, well, its not like its exactly the same story or anything... but it touched me pretty deep inside.

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The biggest victims of an unstable parental relationship are usually the children. I don't know the details, but Minatsu sure looks like a girl with her feet firm on the ground to be able to say that against her mom's boyfriend.

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I make no secret of my liking towards assertive girls, especially the fact that she is so GAR when it comes to Longinusing a huge monster that looked like it came straight out of Evangelion. Also, the suit is so Chinese.

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Its also no wonder why Mafuyu is such a geek. Computer games are incredibly effective in helping one get one's mind off everything else. But I must say, making walkthroughs is something Kagami would tsukkomi at immediately.

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But dark emotions aside, it seems the school's number one student is smart in more than one way. He always makes the best platform for the girls to make huge slapstick jokes at, despite being stepped on in the process.

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Ever since this episode, my view of this show has changed. It isn't completely a random shit show after all. It's surprises like these that I look forward to when I start on shows that everyone has low expectations of in the beginning.

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This show is getting awesome. But just because of this episode, I won't forget this show until I forget it someday...

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