Picture 1 in [Today in Mai Room]

Looks like Kagami and Tsukasa got to my new battery and SD card before I even had a chance to look at the packaging. Yes. One must prepare to record history before his travels, because one will never know what archaeologist in the distant future may discover a certain civilization of the past that idealized hair tied on both sides of the head and pleated skirts.

Picture 2 in [Today in Mai Room]

When I got back from dinner I saw something that almost blew my head off. Konata was right. Kagami is actually enjoying this cosplay thing now. Now I see why they were so eager to charge up my camera.

Picture 3 in [Today in Mai Room]

Kagami looks so boyish here. If she was a male I'd be gay for her.

Picture 4 in [Today in Mai Room]

Yutaka: What do you think about Kagami in a Drossel suit?
Miyuki: Ehehehehe... ^^;

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