Picture 1 in [Maria the Neglected]

I've always been interested in how kids end up when they are neglected by their parents to the point where they have to go out and buy food on their own. Happily, a specimen (although fictional) is available here. She becomes an occult geek, and so influences her younger cousin, Ange too.

Picture 2 in [Maria the Neglected]

Sakutaro reminds me of those delusional children from a certain purple dinosaur kids show called Barney and Friends once, where in the absence of adults, the little dolls become life sized dinosaurs which speak with goofy voices and constantly spout out the words 'use your imagination'. I found it pretty disturbing that Barney is actually a T-rex but that's just me.

Similarly, Calvin and Hobbes makes having a friend from your delusions far less lame, but still, I wonder if anyone in real life has ACTUALLY made up their own friends to play with and sometimes even get convinced that certain accidents that happen are the result of their imaginary friends' actions?

Picture 3 in [Maria the Neglected]

Though I'm concerned about how Maria may grow up as a result of this chronic negligence, I can't help but smile at her cute antics and make-believe with her little Sakutaro. Now if only delusions could actually turn real in real life...

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