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Today Astrobunny took a few bounces to reach Tokyo. First to Auckland...

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Kagami climbs up the trolley after failing to actually push it. We had to wait for 7 hours here for our flight to Gold Coast

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Then it took us about 4 hours to get to Gold Coast, where we waited for another 7 hours.

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Gold Coast was such a tiny airport that had so few piers they used stairs to disembark the passengers.

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JQ 11 was our next flight...

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And then we were off!

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Since it was a budget airline we didn't get food for free.

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But the Chicken sandwiches were pretty good. Tsukasa wanted to make sure I said grace first before I ate. I had to eat something on a 9-hour flight since I was a glutton...

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Tsukasa tries to get some shuteye.

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... and after 24 gruelling hours of travel, we were finally here. 24 hours is actually counting since the time I left Christchurch and the time I waited at the airports.

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Since we were parked at the satellite terminal, we needed to walk down and take the train to the main terminal.

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They even prepared a Nice Map to tell us what was going on.

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Nice Greeting in Chinese.

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An element for photography in the airport.

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No, Kagami. This is our final destination.

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Security is tight here...

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Clearing immigration...

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Baggage and clearing customs...

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And we're FINALLY HERE!!!

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But the quest was not over yet. Our last mission was to get to our hotel in 2 hours.

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Although it was 85 kilometers away, the Japanese rail system made short work of it.

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The amazing thing was, where we landed in Narita, the city was already full on with buildings.

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With the clock ticking, we left the station and had to look for the hotel quick.

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Nice Banners. They made me so hungry. These say Ramen, O-bento, Eat all you want, 100 types of dishes and more from 1980 yen.

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Legendary vending machines.

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We met a really nice guy who introduced us to this awesome shop.

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Ordering is automated. You make your order and pay at the machine.

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...then you sit at the table with your little reciept on display and wait for the food.

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The food is here! All of us were so hungry we were dripping saliva on our pants while waiting for the food. I got little spring onion meat tongues. And it comes with unlimited rice and miso.

It was very lively too. The staff was so much fun and had conversations with you and chatted while they heaped greetings on incoming and outgoing customers. The couple decided to open a restaurant after retiring, and their cooking was top-notch, and the service world-class.

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If you come to Tokyo, you MUST come here. It is pretty close to the 7-11 near Kuramae Shrine.

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... and then I saw something interesting from behind. Next, we'll be visiting Washinomiya Shrine.

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