Picture 1 in [The Fubijoushi Dilemma]

Fujoshi present a very unique challenge to boys, especially when said fujoshi is a kinpatsu little sister of a school beauty that is full of epic win. One whose gaming and geek power even the Legendary Girl A cannot beat.

Picture 2 in [The Fubijoushi Dilemma]

I have always wondered what life would be like if one ended up with a yaoi lover.

Picture 3 in [The Fubijoushi Dilemma]

Would she force upon you her interests, and try and make you her Billy Herrington?

Picture 4 in [The Fubijoushi Dilemma]

Or is the Akihabara/East Ikebukuro wall stronger than the love for bishoujo?

Picture 5 in [The Fubijoushi Dilemma]

No, you don't have to explain Mafuyu. After all, dilemmas are part and parcel of one's life, but I just don't want a threesome with another guy T_T

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