Picture 1 in [Sakurano Kurimu Nendo]

Since my trip to Japan last week was in the beginning of the year, the shops in Akiba had stockpiles of magazines. Among these magazines, several come wrapped together with little boxes of goodies. One of them was Dragon magazine that came with a Sakurano Kurimu nendo. I don't know what got into my head at the time I saw it but I actually had second thoughts. If I hadn't run back to buy this, I probably would not be able to imagine the regrets I would carry out of Japan.

Picture 2 in [Sakurano Kurimu Nendo]

The little nendo was made by Good Smile Company, which is a stamp of quality in itself, since Good Smile Company somehow just makes its figures with the most awesome eyes ever. The Nendo comes packaged in parts in a sectioned plastic bag.

Picture 3 in [Sakurano Kurimu Nendo]

Here's Kurimu in all her assembled glory.

Picture 4 in [Sakurano Kurimu Nendo]

And here she is in her election sash. All hail the President of the Student Council.

Picture 5 in [Sakurano Kurimu Nendo]

My next trip to Japan will definitely involve getting the rest of her friends and in bloomers as well!

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