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I finally got around to unpacking my suitcase which was completely filled with my figures. Besides the 12 books of doujins I got from the upstairs of Toranoana, one of my favorite shops in Akihabara. I also peered up the many stairwells to find figures that I could not find on online sites that struck my fancy, and I came across quite a few.

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I saw Nagi selling for cheap in Toranoana, and after browsing some other shops which sold these at like, more than the price on this one, I headed back to Toranoana and scooped it.

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Basically, since I'm big fan of Hinagiku and there were only two in this series, I picked up Hina-chan as well, even though it didn't look as good as Nagi.

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Also from Toranoana, this was meant to be a prize from those crane games in the arcades, but they were selling it anyway, and it was pretty much a no-brainer worth 1260 yen. I should've gotten two of them.

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I saw this at Auckland's Armaggeddon, but I couldn't get it because it was on a draw. And each draw ticket costed $20, which sounded very stupid to me. I walked home sad and my heart was punched through several more times when I heard someone got the Ranka and Sheryl in two lucky draws. I asked Haruhi why I wasn't able to get it, but she just sat there quietly. After the Tokyo trip, now I know there is a God.

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Next up is another one I never thought I would be able to get: Kagami Klein from the biggest scam of all time after Madoff. I found this in Mandarake Nakano, and it was simply one of the happiest moments of my life.

Picture 7 in [Loot from Tokyo]

Of course, I ended up just buying the whole set after a bit of haggling got me a lower price for the set.

Picture 8 in [Loot from Tokyo]

And finally, to remind myself of my life's goals, I got myself a little desk calendar to mark those dates when I intend to fly to Tokyo once more, and spend a whole day at Akihabara.

Picture 9 in [Loot from Tokyo]

It was amazing how cheap this stuff is in Japan, especially when they are mass produced. The limited and exclusive items weren't that expensive either and I got away with not spending much at all when it came to figures. I must admit that I was overly cautious being my first time and all, but now I know what I am able to get here, easily my favorite place in the world now.

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