Picture 1 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

Today we are treated to a very awesome swimsuit parade, courtesy of Academy City.

Picture 2 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

Kuroko tries to show off her very awesome figure. Much love to Dakota Fried Colonels.

Picture 3 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

We also see some very exotic and very inspired uh... snake on ribbon. I bet we'll see something similar in the next Victoria's Secret night out.

Picture 4 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

Sure to put the audience out of their wits.

Picture 5 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

And here are some shots of our girls in action. I would so want to be the guy who would invent this Star Trek-like photon holography room.

Picture 6 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

I will lavish on them grandeur and excess, and place her friends in positions of power.

Picture 7 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

I will give them great long lives of wonderful relaxation and recuperation.

Picture 8 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

My heart flutters like a dove, seeing how hot the ladies are.

Picture 9 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

I wish to be the sailmast pole section, and protect all those who cling on to me.

Picture 10 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

My fingers would spare no measure of care whilst caressing those amazing backs, in the morning as the sun rises from the mountains.

Picture 11 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

And let them stare in awe at the great erections that once stood in the mighty Lunar City.

Picture 12 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

I want to eat the delicious food cooked by them too...

Picture 13 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

And have great picnics with them too!

Picture 14 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

... and take great pictures of them with their spoon in their mouths ^^

Picture 15 in [Biribiri Mizugi]

I wonder if JC Staff has a shrine somewhere. Offerings are long overdue.

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