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I was in the cathedral square last night along with a crowd of people watching Black Velvet's New Year Concert and the countdown to this year. Of course, Kagami the stowaway followed me.

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All the roads around and leading to the cathedral square were closed for the event. Which meant I had to look for other places to park at. I got lucky and got a spot just outside an Irish bar.

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There was a liquor ban in effect at the area. It just meant you can't carry anything containing alcohol into the square.

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Nice christmas tree in the square.

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Kagami likes the christmas tree and its constantly changing lights.

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There was even a bunch of public toilets ready for those who ate the wrong thing before the event.

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There was lots of Indian food too. Was full at the time so I didn't even consider grabbing a bite.

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The conspicuous police presence made us all feel so much safer.

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The cathedral at night.

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Everyone was just sitting around to enjoy the atmosphere.

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There was even a big projection screen showing the camviews of the concert.

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Tech teams and DJs doing their stuff.

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There were even people who brought their own pro filming equipment to film the event. I was merely armed with my D90.

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The concert proper was in the distance. It was time to start squeezing my way into the area.

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And I somehow got into the front by getting pushed and shoved.

Here's a little video of the last few minutes of 2009 at the square:

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Finally it was 1st January 2010. Happy New Year everyone.

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