Picture 1 in [3 Things That Makes Life Worth Living]

1) Twintails. This is the first time I saw good twintails on a girl. So now I know its possible, and that means the universe to me. And what's more, it looks like the kind of thing Azusa would do at music clubs AFTER finishing high school.

Picture 2 in [3 Things That Makes Life Worth Living]

2) Awesome cosplay. Some of you may already know I'm head over heels in love with Kagami. When I saw this cosplay, I finally realized the reason I held a firm conviction that there is a God.

Picture 3 in [3 Things That Makes Life Worth Living]

3) Japan. No other place in the world has intrigued me more than the people from where the sun rises. They have a culture of sincerity, politeness, they work hard, they play hard, they do away with the unneccessary, they don't waste, and despite all the stress of having to live with so many others, they still find the time to smile and make so many inspired works that continue to entertain us. My vocabulary isn't quite close to being able to describe them well enough, but I admire them a lot.

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