Picture 1 in [Sora no Woto is Army K-ON]

Picture 2 in [Sora no Woto is Army K-ON]

The girl wants to play music and joins something. The girl is heta at her instrument of choice. The girl clips up one side of her bang. The girl is clumsy and unfocused. Coincidence? THIS IS K-ON!!!!

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Yes that's right. SnoW reminds me a lot of a certain heta turned superstar highschool girl show from last year.

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Well, YUI isn't the only thing these two shows have in common... We have Mio the shy girl and Rio de Janeiro.

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Picture 6 in [Sora no Woto is Army K-ON]

Their counterparts have proportionally sized breasts too.

Picture 7 in [Sora no Woto is Army K-ON]

Despite that, we still have some fairly decent fanservice, barring any striped bowls appearing later in the show. These are army girls, so conventional thinking dictates that they are trained to live with the bare essentials. That is to say they wouldn't care if they were stripped bare as long as they can get their work done. This is healthy for the audience.

Picture 8 in [Sora no Woto is Army K-ON]

And the best part of all is there seems to be some kind of mystery in this story's plot. Depending on how ARIA-like this show will be, we may be in for some epic action soon (hopefully). Though I still wonder what she intended to blow out of that bugle anyway.

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