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Twintails are my thing. Lolis are my thing. When you mix it up with some blood and some evil, you get some serious fkn business from me. This is a sign that all of us must either submit to the Vampire Bund, or join the Red Cross.

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This is a very interesting show because they stole the idea of making a documentary-like thing but for entertainment that you see on variety shows from District 9. And the twintailed loli makes it even more full of win.

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I love how they even have that little screen at the bottom just like other variety shows when they start doing something that doesn't involve the judges. Of course, the attention naturally belongs to the twintailer.

Picture 4 in [Twintailed Blonde Loli Vampires FTW]

And that night vision footage of the loli standing majestically, ready to rule over all vampires in the show and otakus in real life is simply a sight to behold. Of course, twintails are the new crown.

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If this were real, how would the world react to it? Or more importantly, how much will the TV stations bid to obtain this kind of footage? Even more importantly, did I mention how awesome it would be because she has twintails?

Picture 6 in [Twintailed Blonde Loli Vampires FTW]

All I know is that those shining eyes not only pierced through me, it has also increased my love for this show. Finally, an exotic tale with an exotic twintail. Just what I need after watching too much slice of life.

Picture 7 in [Twintailed Blonde Loli Vampires FTW]

From here on end, I am ready to dance in the Twintail Bund. What about you?

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