Picture 1 in [Stupid phone]

Ok so today I suddenly acquired something I never thought I would actually get. It was actually because my last phone died a painful and horrible death. Kagami was pretty excited about my new keitai for some reason. I thought Japanese people weren't impressed by the iPhone?

Picture 2 in [Stupid phone]

Kagami then figured everything out about the phone in minutes. But I wanted to put my techno and awesome pictures in there, along with some apps so I decided to hook it up to my computer.

Picture 3 in [Stupid phone]

So it started installing...

Picture 4 in [Stupid phone]

and then failed.

Picture 5 in [Stupid phone]

I decided it wasn't worth my time. I'll get a new phone later.

Picture 6 in [Stupid phone]

Since playing with Kagami is far more fun. TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE

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