Jan 21

Saten’s always so frustrated with her Level 0-ness that I can’t help but feel her pain. I mean, everyone around her is like a talented esper, but not her. Especially since she set out to actually gain these sorts of powers, its like reaching out to try and touch a star.

But I believe that being normal is also being fukken awesome. I mean, its because you are normal and you don’t have these esper powers, you’re still able to live like everyone else, WITHOUT the help of powers. What do you think would stand in your way if you’re still capable of amazing things without having powers?

There’s absolutely no use getting upset with yourself because everyone around you is so much better at what you want to be good at. You wanted to be good at it just because everyone around you has got esper powers, that’s all.

It’s time to let go of our being all caged in our inabilities and start working hard to develop them! Saten! I’m with you all the way!

By the way I heard that milk has some awesome effects on level 0s. Not that I know, since I hate milk a lot.

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4 Responses to “Poor Saten”

  1. 1. Ichiro Ino Says:

    Poor Saten-san…

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