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Look at the Akari smile. She took that from Akari. I just know it. Sora no Woto this episode seems to have quite successfully compressed several stories into a short twenty minutes, and still made it fun to watch. Don't ask me why. I don't know. I'mt too busy realizing that Yui Kanata is starting to grow on me.

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First, Kanata gets paid. But her colleagues don't want her to know who actually came up with the money.

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Next, the platoon reveals their dark side, and AliciaFelicia shows how smooth she is with words. But I don't think so. I think the mafia act was really pretty lame. The only cool parts were these:

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Felicia seems a bit too happy about this illegal job they seem to be doing all the time.

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Next we have this poor girl trying to look for what was supposed to be a present to her.

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And she finds it

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And Kanata goes to the market...

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And saves a girl... ... All in one day. Man, this show is gaining points with me like a slot machine.

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