Picture 1 in [Judging books by their cover]

I still find it hard to fathom how this girl becomes a soldier. When people tell us not to judge books by their cover, they're saying irresponsible things because its pretty damn hard not to.

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What I find illogical is that she keeps long hair and a red ribbon in the hair. Think about all the dangers that would pop up with those. Her hair might get stuck somewhere or cover her face at a bad time, or even while she's aiming with the rifle. And the ribbons would be a huge flag telling enemies where she is. It's nonsense!

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And just look at her! No way I'll let someone like her go into the army. She's precisely the kind of people you want to protect, and not be protected by!

Picture 4 in [Judging books by their cover]

That said, this show presses all my buttons. Though the story seems to be going a bit too quick. I feel like I've suddenly been dragged along this quasi-storyless plotline where things happen suddenly and I'm supposed to feel surprised.

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